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Name Badges

Name badges

Some of us are not very good at remembering names, and with such a large membership, there are quite a lot of names for us all to remember! It has been suggested in the past that all members should have the opportunity to wear a name badge and at the planning meeting it was agreed that this idea should be taken further. I have now sourced a suitable style of badge and will be sporting an example at the next Noggin. The badges are magnetic, so that they won’t damage clothing, with a pin option available for those who would prefer it. The badges will cost £5 each. An order form can be found below.

Name Badge Form

Centre Regalia

The Centre has a selection of Regalia available, Car Badges, Lapel Badges, Key Fobs, all sporting the famous SpotMog logo. Available from Dave Gibbon.

Buyer Beware

The SpotMog Centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the statements made in this advertisement whether as to the description of the goods themselves, their suitability or their quality.